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The purpose of Destiny is to help individuals of all ages sort out their college and career goals. In regards to college preparation, we help with all aspects of searching out degree programs, helping students write their personal statements for college, assisting with the application process, outlining steps to complete Federal Financial Aid and other scholarship opportunities, selecting internships, taking students on college tours, etc. In regards to career advising, we help with resumes, cover letters, mock interviewing,  inventory/personality testing, and unemployment claims. Destiny also goes a step further and assists young adults with financial mentoring to help them prepare for their futures in regards to thinking about opening a savings account, saving to purchase a home, maintaining/building their credit score, purchasing life insurance, etc. (To note, we are not financial aid counselors or financial advisors and do not help determine financial delegations).

College Prep

College Selection

Personal Statement

Application Completion


Work-Study Jobs

Intern Selections

Career Advising

Career Interest Testing

Resume Editing

Cover Letter Editing

Interview Critique

Career Planning

 Required Education

Unemployment Claims

Generational Mentoring

 Impacts of Social Media and Future

 Text Talk vs. Corporate Correspondence

“Dressing” for your position 

College Tours

In-state tours

Out-of-state tours

Out-of-country tours

College of your choice tours

Financial Mentoring

Building Credit

Buying a Home



Owning Life Insurance

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